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Apr 6, 2011

13 When did God command to make burnt offerings

Book of Jeremiah vs Book of Exodus

In the Book of Jeremiah, God says he didn't ever command the people to make burnt offerings to him

But hold on!

In the Book of Exodus, God gave commands to make burnt offerings in plenty

In the Old Testament, Jeremiah the prophet says God didn't give commands to make burnt offerings before

Jeremiah 7:22 I gave your ancestors no commands about burnt offerings or any other kinds of sacrifices when I brought them out of Egypt.
But in the Old Testament book Exodus, God gave numerous commands for burnt offerings when the Hebrews came out of Egypt and well before Jeremiah.  

In passages in Exodus God commands burnt offerings

Exodus 10:24 The king called Moses and said, "You may go and worship the LORD; even your women and children may go with you. But your sheep, goats, and cattle must stay here." 25 Moses answered, "Then you would have to provide us with animals for sacrifices and burnt offerings to offer to the Lord our God.” 

Exodus 20:24 Make an altar of earth for me, and on it sacrifice your sheep and your cattle as offerings to be completely burned and as fellowship offerings. In every place that I set aside for you to worship me, I will come to you and bless you.

Recap: Commentators may say the Jeremiah verse to “make burnt offerings” is supposed to be a deliberate irony. But it's a hard sell to other Biblicists that complain of its difficulty.

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